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Chesham 3 St Albans 2

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This is written for Chesham fans, so expect it to be a bit biased, see if you aggree and sorry, I don't all your players, what do you expect for free!<p>Chesham 3 St Albans 2<p>Preddie








Andrews (10)

Fewings (36)

Graham (74)<p>It ain’t fixed, just a bit less broke.<p>It’s nice to get a win and good to see 2 good wingbacks in Corcoran and Boyce. The pattern of play isn’t still spot on and we are conceding some defensively soft goals. Chesham’s win tonight was probably more about making less mistakes than the Saints.<p>Chesham and Saints started brightly, this had the feel of a local derby if only on the pitch. Both teams first goals had an air of good fortune about them. Wayne Andrews was beginning to shake up the Saints defence with his pace. Andrews must have smiled to himself as the two centre backs let the ball slip between them, Andrews was left the simple task of slotting the ball in. 1-0<p>Chesham began to dominate proceedings and made two excellent chances, Andrews broke through again and unselfishly put the ball across the box, Fewings could not quite stretch to it. Corcoran then proceeded on a raid down the left wing beating two Saints defenders and making an inch perfect cross for Fewings, Wilmot made an excellent save. Brownie was having an exemplary game in centre midfield.<p>Very shortly after Chesham’s chances, the Saints grabbed a rare break, a pacy run thorugh where Preddie came out too early on Ansell, he made the clearance but this only went as far as Simon Martin who lobbed the ball in to an empty net. 1-1.<p>Chesham did try to effect a fight back. Andrews quickly found himself on the break one on one with Wilmot, he stuck his leg out to keep the shot out. Chesham’s efforts came to fruition when there was confusion in the box and Fewings was left the simple task of heading in, relief 2-1. The game began to equal out a bit, Saints were beginning to read our game, getting free kicks in dangerous areas but without applying the killer finish (we wouldn’t know about that would we?) Chesham held out to half time, inexplicably, Saints fans were singing ‘Feed the World’, answers on a post card??<p>The second half was a different story, St Albans began to dominate proceedings, Nabil had come on and the first 15 minutes of the half led to their equaliser. St Albans had been getting a number of freekicks and corners in the final third, finally a quality cross was met by Roobie Kean to Preddie’s right, a free header, but a good finish. 2-2<p>We know what to expect, we’re either going to draw or lose now. I was becoming convinced when Brownie crossed for Fewings who had a free header which went over. Graham, Boyce and Corcoran were making some dangerous wide runs now. A cross from Brown was poorly cleared and cannoned to Graham, Graham then ran through 3 players and slotted past Wilmot’s near post.<p>The game was far from over, Chesham were under a constant threat, it was either through defensive naivety or some very lapse refereeing decisions. Saints failed to really finish their chances. They had an excellent chance from a freekick, Kean struck the ball wide of the mark, but Preddie was totally exposed.<p>We held out for the win, things aren’t spot on for us, but if this is a base to build on you never know. I think Corcoran deserves man of the match, he has been patient for his place and worked hard tonight, Brownie is a very close runner up, give him space in the midfield and he will show you quality. <p>Tonight we were only at 60% but the confidence boost is really very important. If we would have finished our earlier chances this could have been a much easier result for us. I think we had about 6 clear cut chances to St Albans 4. <p>The ref was shocking, he must have given out 10 bookings in total on a game which wasn’t particularly dirty, both teams were a great deal more composed than the match officials who did not seem to play the advantage when they could and didn’t help matters.<p>Still nice to win anyway.

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Let's look on the bright side - we can't be relegated now (and I got 4 points in the prediction league!)<p> <img src="graemlins/images/icons/rolleyes.gif" border="0" alt="[rolleyes]" />

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Have to say an excellent game for neutral

sadly for them couldn't see many

I thought that a draw would've been a fair result but we are our own worse enemy when it comes to winning games that are there for the taking

Obviously the Saints support was superb, always a bit of needle this fixture sadly the ref wasn't up to it and didn't take account of the atrocius conditions

right i'll get me sheepskin

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A fair report in my view. And given the conditions and standard of officiating (I think shocking sums it up nicely), not a bad game really. Chesham shaded the first half, we were the better team in the second, but too generous at the back. All in all, a draw would probably have been fair.

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<blockquote><font size="1" face="Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif">quote:</font><hr> Chesham's win tonight was probably more about making less mistakes than the Saints <hr></blockquote><p>You are spot on SteveP-Chesh. I know the playing conditions were not easy last night but we cannot keep continuing to give teams 45 minutes start on us and hope that we can turn it around in the second half. If we had played the first half the way we played the second, we would have come away with an easy 3 points, even allowing for the fact that our midfield was woeful. And why wasn't Nabil on from the start? Wilmot was superb and of the others only Moran and Rob Smith really did the business. These two have been a revelation over the last five weeks. This was a match we should never have lost. Good report though, Steve. Just a couple of things - Moran scored our second goal and it was Nabil who fired the free kick inches wide, late in the match.<p>The official attendance was 205.<p>

Bring on the K's<p> <p>

<img src="graemlins/teleport.gif" border="0" alt="[teleport]" />

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