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brown out


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Browne must go if we ever want to progress to a higher level i dont know why he got the job in the first place the only thing browne has done is get us relegated and now he has wrecked our chances of promotion because he hasnt a clue how to be a succesful manager, he never shows any interest when we win or draw never praises the side but only shows his anger what kind of a manager is he does he just think he is better than everyone else and can make his assistants do the work and take all the credit, all he does is sit quietly in the stand or on the bench, we need a manager with motivation and ambition who wants to achieve things and take the rebels forward not back wards <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/mad.gif" alt="" />

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Having just read the Observer news article, it's just made me even more disgusted at the fact that Browne is still here and doesn't even acknowledge he doesn't have a clue what he's doing.


Blaming the players is his escape route. Who signed them? The manager has no man management skills and has no idea how to motivate his players without continually swearing at them, but as soon as he leaves the confines of the dressing room, all this, and I put this loosely, 'passion' disappears and he sits there looking like a muppet.


The guy is a joke and I am gutted that I'm involved with the club so much with the shop and the website that I can't just walk away. Given the choice, I've got better things to do on a Saturday afternoon that to sit and watch that muppet. But for my gullibility (sp?) I turn up every week and help out behind the scenes doing what I can, but I'm beginning to wonder why...

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