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Bad news for our old friends Harrogate Railway!!


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Hi you lot dan sath,

Thanks for the support on our website, thought I would return the gesture. Just to let you know our news if your interested. After a 3 hour meeting on Tuesday the whole 1st team and management returned. At present we do not know what the agreement was as it is to be kept within the club, but as we are led to beleive no further money other than that offered has been promised. A public apoligy was printed in the local paper from the manager Paul Marshall and to a lot of peoples suprise he has returned to the post.The 1st eleven returned to action on Wednesday night in the league and returned from Hallam F.C with a thumping 6-0 victory.Our complete reserve side played in the 1st team last Saturday and recorded a fantastic 4-3 victory against an Eccleshill side who were unbeaten in 8 games. This victory really brought the Club together as the support was fantastic and I think it was one of the major factors in bringing the 1st team out of there situation and they realised that they are not bigger than the Club and we have youngsters who could slot in if needed. The average age of the reserves who stepped in was 22. Hopefully we can again now move on and build for the future. Thanks again to all those who posted your support on our website it was appreciated, maybe both our great Clubs could one day meet up again (In the Conference would be nice)

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