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I have tried! god knows I have tried! but the message is not getting through.


The sheep that are ricay fans have not listened. So I will admit defeat as far as trying to push a little knowledge and foresight where it will just not fit.


So you will be pleased to hear I will no longer be posting messages to you any more. I hope one or two of you will wake up before it is to late for your club, but I fear you do not have the capacity to think ahead.


So good luck to you all and despite all the old rubbish you waffle on about I hope you are still around when Mr Moores folly has concluded.


I will be around watching and revelling in the knowledge that its not like I did not warn you. It will be interesting to see this site in two years time when the recievers are putting their action plan together to try and save the club, I will know I tried.


I wonder how many of you will say "its our own fault its not like we were not warned". Just then I will pop and say


AH HA! I told you so.


YOU WILL NEVER BUILD IN GP (sorry could not resist one more go)

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'Nuff respect to the Mobrien!


You dared to speak the questions that nobody had even thought of, let alone ask. You gave to us an alternative way of thinking and your knowledge and words of wisdom (when spelt right!) are now legendary! We are now liberated thanks to your thirst for the truth.

Mobrien, you are our leader and our father.


Give it up for Mobrien


P.S. Lamb chops anyone?!!!!

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Rumour has it that if your lucky and you catch the sun just right, on your next visit to Gloucester Park you should be able to see an image of mobrien being projected onto the changing room walls from the wooden gate post opposite....

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