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In Return

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Hmm . . . Just had a quick flick around the messages.<p>Glad to see that during my alcoholic rehabilitation that a new manager/chairman/person what replaced L Harding has brought up new topics of conversation.<p>Seems that for a while (at least until next Christmas) old squabbles and tittle-tattle have been laid to rest. It almost makes you feel as if a new age/era of calm/success??? has come to the Saints. One can only help.<p>Looks like this might hail a return. Now that dear old access to the net has been returned and I can figure out when the ruddy matches are. Still no beer till May.<p>Catch you on the flip side.<p>Occasional monologues to come.<p>WH<p>P.S might be a bit early but is there to be a works party at the club again. Any chance for the tea-bar-ladies to see Webbo with his shirt off eh? (sic)

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