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Mersea Pete

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One day Nelson Mandella is sitting in his villa in South Africa

when there's a knock on the door, he opens it to find a lorry

driver standing there.

" Are you Nelson Mandella?" says the driver.

"Yes that is I" replies Nelson Mandella.

"Well I've got a delivery here of 250 steering wheels, 150

colour co-ordinated front bumpers for you" says the driver.

" That lots not for me" replies Nelson Mandella.

" Well it's got your name on the delivery docket" says the


" In that case you'd better unload them round the back"

says Nelson Mandella.


A week goes by and there's another knock on the front door.

Again Nelson opens the door to find the same driver standing

on the door step.

" Nelson Mandella"says the driver, " I've got a delivery here

for you,"

" What is it this time?" replies Nelson Mandella.

" Well I've got 2400 brake pads, a couple of head gaskets,

a drivers door and a clutch cable."

" They are no way mine this time" says Nelson Mandella

" Well it's got your name on the delivery docket says the

driver again.

" Show me that docket" demandes Nelson, and the driver

hands over the docket to him.

Nelson looks at the drivers docket and says " You f***ing

arseole" shouts Nelson Mandella " This docket says deliver to




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