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Terrible match on a pitch that barely had any grass. Went behind to a soft goal and then Byron equalised. Sub Sammy (WHY BROWNE?) equalised before we sit back and Blake lets in a clanger and it's 2-2. Gutted, but the other results were good.


As well as Hodge who made his debut today we have also signed Craig Rocastle from Kingstonian.

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Awful pitch, poor ref---might have been a tuesday night in Essex.God knows what Browne has against Sammy--no one could understand why he didn't start---he is a class player in a league lacking in class, and he showed his class with a good goal when he came on after 70 minutes. The score was 1-1, and we had shown little likelihood of scoring in the 2nd half until then. Who did he replace---our leading scorer---just the right tictacs to win. The team tried hard, but Barton knew how to use the conditions much better than us, and a draw was a fair if disappointing result.

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Today results just show you the season is not over , dispite all the woe 's .........The team's made a good match yesterday dispite the state of the pitch....


We will have to battle harder YES ! but the other teams except maybe Northwood ...also have to do the same ... the league table makes interesting reading and the forth coming fixtures are bananna skins for all the teams....


lets keep going....!!! we were only mins away from 3 points yesterday.... but we could still be in there for a great run in !


Up the Rebels !!!!!!!!



cheers chris



Stay cool <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/cool.gif" alt="" />

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I actually thought he was right to replace Booty as he was probably having his worst game for us for some time and Hodges was playing better than him in my opinion.


Sammy MUST surely start on Tuesday though. Him not starting on Saturday against Barton and Great Wakering a few weeks back has cost us points in my opinion. He must start. Browne must surely see the light!


I'd have Boot and Winston up front and Hodges on the bench Tuesday personally.

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I agree with Chris, I thought tony was having a mare on Saturday. His little flick ons and nudges just wernt working in the mud, and his passing was dreadful. Thats why we need three strikers at least.


I agree that Sammy and Tony have been good for us but I can also see the value of having a big man to win the ball in the air. Byron had a very patchy game, he seemed reluctant to take his man on, yet scored a great goal, and provided some telling crosses.


Will Rocastle ade bite or flair to the midfield?



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