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Free Child Voucher in this Saturday’s Programme.

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9 replies to this topic

offline Phil Old Boy

Phil Old Boy
  • First XI - Weekly Contract
  • Posts: 676
  • Joined: 15 Oct 2001
Interesting idea this - with the free child voucher in this week’s programme for use in the Leigh game.

Like many others, paying quite an increase this season from £10 last season for me and my daughter, to £16.

Wonder if there could be future offers such as this. Perhaps it would encourage more programme sales and straight away the club are making £2 out of the £5 for a child to attend.

This idea going forward may boost attendances if people feel they are getting some kind of deal and with added possible expenditure with more in the ground, could at least break even against current takings.

offline Bald_Eagle

  • Youth Team Coach
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  • Joined: 27 Feb 2002
Beats IVF I suppose.

offline Sharming Paula

Sharming Paula
  • Youth Team Coach
  • Posts: 8,565
  • Joined: 8 Aug 2003
Thing is is the voucher seperate from the programme?? Stupid idea if not coz it would mean defacing the programme and I'm sure you blokes dont do that (do ya?).
Be nice to see some of the future supporters again though.

offline Yellow Bungle

Yellow Bungle
  • First XI - Sub
  • Posts: 1,100
  • Joined: 12 Jan 2004
How about Kids for a Quid for season ticket holders - will create new fans and encourage the sale of season tickets.

offline A Non E Mouse

A Non E Mouse
  • First XI - Sub
  • Posts: 1,229
  • Joined: 8 Oct 2004
Sorry Phil Old Boy - going to hi-jack your post <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/offtopic.gif" alt="" />

Think this merges quite well with some previous posts regarding crowd size.

I posted previously, after going to the Woking game, and mentioned that I felt Woking had done quite a bit to boost its support particularly in the local community - it was all very visible.

The following comments are my own and are in my honest humble opinion - It is not my intention to knock anybody who works tirelessly and effortlessly for the club and whom I am probably not even aware of -

I think crowd sizes are always an emotive subject at any club with few exceptions. I think the Gulls will end the season with an average gate of approx. 850 - probably up on last year but not a massive jump. Think it was Merv who asked the question why only 700 odd attended the last home game - I just think that is the amount of people who will generally attend a Canvey home game.

I noticed a very recent post on the Leigh RMI forum where they were questioning support and why it is so poor. It's amazing how the same ideas and reasons appear for a club in the north west compared to a club in the south east.
There was bigger local clubs such as Man Utd, City, Bolton etc. (For Canvey - West Ham, Chelsea, Southend etc. For Gravesend - Gillingham, Charlton and probably Millwall)It's the same where ever you go in the country - except perhaps Carlisle. The only thing they put their finger on which CIFC cannot is Rugby is a bigger local draw - although it isn't stopping Wigan Athletic. These just seem like hollow excuses.

Someone once said to me at a home game "Canvey is an old boys club" - thinking about this throw away comment I feel he has a point. There are not many yougsters at CIFC - yet most clubs fans always seem to agree that you need to grab the kids whilst they are young and get them used to going through that turnstyle.

Does Canvey Island FC want to really increase crowds whilst someone currently covers some of the clubs shortfalls? I'm not sure it does.

As Phil Old Boy has said, like interest rates, the cost to attend a game with your kids is starting to "pinch".

I hope that this scheme is the first of many ideas to attract more people to the lane - particularly youngsters. Although formed in the 20's the clubs history has only been built in the last 6 or 7 - and it will take time and effort to nurture - if the club wishes to?

It takes a lot of time to build up a solid hardcore fan base - it doesn't take long to take advantage of them and you end up like Morecambe and Stevenage where they are complaining about crowd numbers falling because of poor performances this year compared to past glories.

I knew I shouldn't have opened another bottle - but what do you think. Does CIFC have the drive and inclination to "work in the community" and increase crowd size? I'm rather sceptical...... <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/ignore.gif" alt="" />

offline YELLOW

  • First XI Coach
  • Posts: 14,658
  • Joined: 23 Jan 2003
  • Location: Canvey Island
  • Supports: Canvey Island, West Ham
  • Foes: Billericay, Concord, Southend, Spurs, Chelsea
  • Fav. Player(s): Mo Diame, Paolo Di Canio, Carlton Cole, Kevin Nolan, Jay Curran, Kevin Dobinson, Lionel Messi
  • Fav. Sport(s): Football, drinking.
Whilst the crowd size has improved this season we really should be getting 150 more or so through the gate.

Last season our average crowd was just below 600. For a club of our position challenging at the top of the then Ryman League we should have been getting crowds of around the 700 mark no matter who we were playing even if it was someone like Ford with next to no away support.

Despite our excellent position our average crowd was something like 590.

This season with the added draw of Conference football we should be getting 900-1000 Canvey fans attending (I'm not including how many the opposition bring). At the mo I'd say we're getting about 650-700 Canvey attending (well over 700 at the start of the season).

If you look at a club like Hornchurch they're averaging just over 800 in Conference South!!

I had this conversation with someone off these forums on Tuesday night at Stevenage but the night we played Crawley the attendance was 733 and Crawley brought about 100 supporters. On the same night the Urchins played Maidenhead and had a crowd of nearly 800 with Maidenhead bringing little support.

Hornchurch's admission prices are amongst the lowest in the Conference leagues and they also do plenty to encourage families and kids to attend.

It does work and as a result they've built up an impressive fanbase in a short space of time something that we could do if we produced the right incentives.

offline A Non E Mouse

A Non E Mouse
  • First XI - Sub
  • Posts: 1,229
  • Joined: 8 Oct 2004
Surely the incentive is great "sexy" flowing attacking football?? and don't we have that?

Or are the incentives - free away travel, price reduced club shirts, kids for a quid, excellent facillities including toilets, bar, food outlets, club shop and sheltered seating or terrace for home and away fans?

I think to some degree you have to admire Hornchurch - especially the way they have increased their fan base and particularly without worrying about the likes of WHU, Orient, Daggers and other local Conf South sides.

But do you think Canvey has that same spirit?

What does, or what is it doing, to increase these gates that Canvey is not?

The difference seems to be a slight arrogance (not with the fans) and things that have helped the club such as the old website are just cut adrift, without it appears any thought.

I agree we should be aiming for an average of 1000 per game. I would say that our away support as a percentage of home support is very good, especially the long haul games. I think we averaged about 60-70 to Exeter (bank holiday)and Scarborough the following saturday - I'm sure other southern clubs with bigger home gates than ours will not take much more than that away to some of these places.

offline Staying-up

  • First XI - Weekly Contract
  • Posts: 458
  • Joined: 15 Dec 2003
We really do need that new ground soon. I we get it crowds will automatically double. A ground with excellent facilities and easier to get to will attract a lot more fans. A lot of people form Benflet will start to come and hopefully we will get more Southend fans who are fed up watching 4th Division football every season.

It is a shame Canvey don't follow Honchurch's example and reduce prces. Until a few years ago Hornchurch had hardly any support but by having cheap admission they have soon built up a fan base. Those barmaids must have helped as well!

offline ken

  • Reserves Coach
  • Posts: 1,872
  • Joined: 1 May 2003
its scary to think that there are still people on the island who are unaware that canvey have a real football team (as my mum refers to them) a shiney new ground for all to see will be just what we need. just hope people pull their fingers out soon!

offline A Non E Mouse

A Non E Mouse
  • First XI - Sub
  • Posts: 1,229
  • Joined: 8 Oct 2004
Agreed gents - new facilities are sorely needed and the ground would go a long way. I think one of the main benefits is location - if it goes ahead it will be very close to the station and in a highly visible location, advertising itself. Decent stands where home and away fans are protected from the elements and noise can be generated without it being blown out to see.

However, I think the club needs to start to appreciate its position - a new ground needs to be financed and you can't rely on Kingy - it needs bums on seats.

It is difficult for Canvey to acquire new business sponsors because a big chunk of the population travels off the island to work - particularly the big smoke, and there isn't the size of business locally to support a team such as Canvey.

As you say it is making people aware that there is a talented club on the island and it is very successful.

I don't think the club can rely on small news paper articles on a Friday and the odd poster placed at key locations. Don't want to dwell, but the website is dire for anyone trying to find anything out about the club - it doesn't link to any kind of forum where people can obtain good honest answers about the club.

I feel the club needs to start to involve the community and spread the net further afield and attract more people from Hadleigh, Benfleet, Pitsea and Basildon.

You can't knock Kingy - without him I honestly don't think we would be in the position we are in today - he has done a hell of a lot - but is relying on him so much holding the club back?

We are a small part time club from essex and a lot of people, unfortunately I'm not one of them, put a lot of private time into the club - but is this reliance stopping the club from forging ahead with local boys clubs, ladies team, kids for a quid, sponsorship and other events which will ultimately grow the club so we end up moaning about only having a 1500 crowd on that Tuesday evening game at home to Leigh RMI?

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