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Trust money?


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OK, I may set the cat amongst the pigeons here....


Now i'm not a trust member, it's just a case of me not getting round to it(!) but should the trust give the club money to help them buy more/better players that enable us to stay up?


Now I know many people's reactions will be, no as it's for the long term future of the club but is that now??...


- If we go down another level I really think we'll lose a lot of fans and have just over 100 at home games at the next level


- If we drop another level the grants we can gain for a stadium drops a lot (can't remember the figure, but i'm sure it's 100,000's?)


- Were losing on average about 50 people a season


- Two possible relegations in a row


So, is now the time for the trust to act - desperate times call for desperate measures? I think we all agree that STFC should not be in this position, but lets face reality, we are! Now i'm not suggesting it should happen, just asking the question and raising the debate as it's something to think about...

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IMO with 8 games to go we cant spend our way out of this one, we have to work with what weve got, it will be down to B and B to get the best out of the team and actually have some tactical foresight in matches,we need a man with a plan, the attendance one would be an interesting one it could go down if relegated to average 150 or it could be rats leaving a sinking ship and be 90-100, but rebels fans wont walk away will they ?

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Given the ground at the earliest wont be ready until the 2010/2011 season, are the stadium grants really an issue?


Can we not re-apply if we did go down and came back up again?


Also I agree with AR, given the games we have left I don't believe spending the money on new players is wise. If we go down we go down and fully deserve it based on the seasons results, then the money saved can be used next season on coming back up.

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in the worst case scenario,to take an example of oxford city a couple of seasons back when they got relegated to the spartan they won the league at the first attempt,its not going to be easy but a club like ours with planning in pre season can bounce back,another example being enfield who have spent a bit this season and look like winning the essex senior league, having said that with 8 games to go theres a lot of points to be had.

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OK, I know I haven't seen many games this year but could we benefit from getting Wilko back as a player? It seems we need an 'over my dead body' attitude to get out of this mess and in the games I saw before he left he was still one of the best and certainly the most committed players out there.


Now that would really put the cat amongst the pigeons!

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