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.Abingdon game


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Nothing less than a win will do on saturday i suppose.

Looking at the remaining games uxbridge do seem to have on paper easier games,but they have been known to lose some of those. paulton seem to be coming up to the finish line well but we still have a chance if we win our 3 games although farnborough will be a hard one.What does everyone else think ?

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Well it's not in our own hands now so we HAVE to win all three to stand any chance


However at christmas just after a 5-1 drubbing by didcot did anyone really think we could make the play offs? I didn't. We've given it one hell of a go and regardless of where we finish at the end of the season it's been a good few months overall.


I don't think anyone can call this squad the finished artical too. Some players are still learning whilst some are perhaps not what we have needed (Issacs) i can't remember if i have ever named a player on here as poor but he is. How he gets in the side on the right wing ahead of Case or even the under used Jake Parsons i will never know!! However i do not agree with the fans who have a go at him after every little mistake as that is hardly going to help him improve!!





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To be honest I think its slipped through our grasp now, even Bridgwater would go above us if they were to win their game in hand (which is against Slough), but you never know, Saturday would be a great time for Newport to pick up their first away win of the season!



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winning our games is the minimum and hoping paulton, burnham and uxbridge slip up is the second part. looking at the run ins id say burnham have it tough with games against all of the current top 4, whilst uxbridge seem to have the easiest run in so it could be between us and them if results go our way.

either way the improvement under scott has been brilliant and as has rightly been said if we had carried the form over a season we would be comfortably in a play off place.

In the mean time lets just enjoy the bit of the seaosn thats left! starting with 3 poinjts against Abingdon. UTR

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