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Sippetts and Martin. Worked that out through logic that Sippetts has (apparently) bet Simon £100 that he will score 20 goals first. Sippetts wouldn't do that if he was going to be a bench player.




Simon can do the business to some degree, as we have seen this season gone by. Sippetts is 25 years of age, and has scored 50 goals for a team in the Midlands South or whatever. It isn't exactly the world stage. Can Sippetts proverbially 'kick it' in the Ryman Premier? He's 25 years old. If he was kwality, surely he would have been snapped up earlier? I know Ian Wright started at the age of 23, but he never kicked it in the Ryman.

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Sorry, only just picked up on this one (slow or what!).


I saw Sippets ("Sippo") in the HSC Final and he is indeed a skilful though slightly built player in the mould of Rob Smale (remember him?) and he has the speed to undo defences (BBC commentator-speak).


He didn't have any difficulty with the donkeys from Woood so unless he gets kicked all over the Park should prosper in the Ryman IMHO.


<img border="0" title="" alt="[big Grin]" src="images/icons/grin.gif" />

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