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under 18's go top for 24 hours !

chris sliski

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Last nights match v marlow in the league


slough won 2 nil and go top for 24 hours subject to the fixture homer green v beaconsfield ...


slough scorers were : rio and Daniel Hicks from (pen)




I was disapointing last night our attendence was down...yep a lot of TV football killed it..big shame for me and the Trust , who have put a lot of effort to get this team under our wing and with the good comments at the begining of the season, that this was a good idea and a hope that people would support them , its a big shame this has not materlised...


especially when we had a normal Tuesday fixture and also a home fixture ....


chris sliski

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I was one of those who chose the Champions League over the U18s, but I will go see them again some time soon after seeing them at the beginning of the season.


I will say though, that I don't think the U18s have been promoted very well. For example, I've just checked the last 2 programmes (Windsor & Andover) and there was nothing in there at all about the U18s at all - no table, no match reports, no news.


Crucially, I think the biggest opportunity to promote them was at the home pre-season friendly where there could have been a small match before the game (obviously permitting) to allow people to see them play.


Other than people who check the the forum and site I'm wouldn't be too sure that many people know we have an U18 side.

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If you think last night was bad Chris then check out the Southern League attendances. I think only 49 turned up at Bracknell, and about 140 at Didcot.


I had fully intended to go to the game last night but work put paid to that idea I'm afraid. I will be attending others in the next few months. But I think the Youth team is definitely a good thing.


I agree with Tom on all of his above points, it would be good to see a page on the Youth in the programme at least.

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Tom the match was announced 6 times at saturday's match


our fixures change by the day.as we have to fit them in and around everyone elses fixtures..and i send about 40 messages on my mobile phone to the regulars ..it was put on this site and also on the main page of the web site...the bulk of the support is from the wags and the parents of the under 18 's team ..with very very few slough supporters...


So thats why I am disapointed....its not a go at anyone really , people have things to do and also TV football kills us too...however at the begining of the season , we were given encouragement to proceed with the venture with a view that they would get some support from the rank and file...its not happened and we have played about 15 matches so far this seaon..


cheer chris



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its ok ..i knows its difficult...


not a go at anyone person..its just so difficult to arrange matches and get the right info out to everyone...


the page in the programme would have to be permantly change and the info would be incorrect..so we try to give the information near to the match..therefore not making people travel for no reason...


cheers chris

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How about player profiles in the programme. I think we all know we have a great U18's but don't really know the players.


Are the match reports in the progs?


What about the U18 manager giving an interview?


Raising the profile in anyway might generate a bit more interest.



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