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Alan W (GNFC)

Aldershot squad size

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The Aldershot manager was quoted in the NLP as saying he currently has 28-30 players at the club, but he has left 3 places available in his squad to take up any late discards from triallists at league clubs.

Not sure if this implies he'll be working with a squad of around 30 players or (and probably more likely) that some of the players currently at the club will leave or be reserve team members.

Certainly, if its the former, it only emphasizes again, just what a task we face playing in the Conference, against fellow part time clubs, let alone full time ones.

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I think you'll find their reserves play in the same league as southern based Football League reserve sides ( Pontin Holidays Combination League with the Gills etc ) , as the only non-league side to do so .
Hence they can keep more players amused at the relevant standard .

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