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Birmingham hoping to be reinstated in F.A.Cup

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Due to a ruling that any club in administration should not be able to remain in the F.A.Cup (according to Andy Townsend & Mike Parry) they believe that Pompey should be removed and Birmingham City reinstated they feel it makes a mockery of the competition for Spurs and Fulham to be given a bye, effectively making their tie a semi final game.


The pair reckon if you are in administration you should not be able to continue, as Pompey would have fielded player/s ineligible (sorry if spelt wrong) :smilewinkgrin: due to payments.


Interesting a caller said that as teams have to apply so early, (april) Luton, Southampton were in admin this year and one other, maybe Rotherham, the year before Leeds, we have had Hornchurch as well and i dont recall a team not playing in the F.A.Cup because of it.


So the question is open to all apart from Spurs, Birmingham and Fulham fans, do you agree with Mike Parry? Or is he talking out of his helmet again. :smilewinkgrin: GO ON POMPEY WIN THE CUP AND SHOVE IT UP THEIR ARISES. :smilewinkgrin: Personally Birmingham got knocked out, no repreive.

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There is no rule as far as I am aware.. other clubs have been in admin in the past and played in the Cup. You have to realise that talkBALLS radio is pure car crash.. they have to light the blue touch paper to make any money.

Poor research, patronise anything below the big four and despite Telecom rules, charge 10p a minute to phone in when this should be stated after every mention of their phone number. 50p a text too.

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Portsmouth are not in Administration yet....


:smilewinkgrin: Dont shoot the messenger.... :cheesy (2):


Phone Mike Parry tomorrow morning, 10p a minuite and put him right. :biglaugh: :biglaugh:



I'd rather take a phone call from Rhodes


Parry is an ignorant tit, who says things to make you call in..so far, I am winning cos I haven't

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