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I am Spartacus

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Totally & utterly gutted. I do not even have the energy to go & kick next doors cat for sh!t!ng in my garden.


However, if the inevtiable does happen this is still MY club so I will still be there next Saturday at T&M and the following Saturday against Hastings.

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Work prevents me from going to away games but I'll still be back there for the final home game of the season v Hastings thats for sure & regardless of todays massive disappointment.

Yes, your right Joseba it still is OUR team. Come on now everyone we've got the Ryman South championshiop title to look forward too next season at least. :grin:

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All over now, barring reprieve(s). Problem is, even if we do finish fourth from bottom, and so don't know what league we will be in next season, it makes it difficult for IOC to bring in any players over the summer, as players who would be happy to play Ryman Premier football, may be reluctant to drop a level lower. I really did feel gutted after the final whistle yesterday. But IOC got it spot on: when we were leading 2-1 with only 5 minutes of normal time yesterday, we should have used every trick in the book to waste time: get the ball in the corners; feign injuries etc etc. It's not pretty, but the top teams all do it.


As an aside, irrelevant really now, but one referee decision in particular really did change the game yesterday. For the penalty, the Aveley defender should, to put it simply, have been sent off. I believe the law states that if you prevent a goal-scoring opportunity illegally, a red card is the result. Against 10 men for over an hour would certainly have put a different spin on the game. Would like to know how that atrocious referee (he was appalling all game) could justify that decision? As I said, though, can't blame it on the ref - the defending for the goals was dreadful. Oh well, onwards and upwards, I'll still be going to Tooting with just a shred of hope left.

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