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David Holden

Virus Warning

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There is a nasty new virus (W32 Blaster) going about and if you have not updated your anti-virus software since Monday I strongly advise you to do so now.


This virus knocked out several vital components in my computer which meant that I have not been able to update several of the pages on the website, particularly those that are built around Excel spreadsheets.


Hopefully my machine has now been cured, and I can get round to bringing the various pages back up to date.

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This is the e-mail I had from my virus people on this :-


Dear Trend Micro Customer:


Due to continuous infection reports coming in from different regions,

TrendLabs has raised the alert level for this malware from Yellow to Red.

TrendLabs officially released pattern file 604 to protect users from this

worm. However, due to new variants discovered, we recommend that all users

update to the latest official pattern file.


This malware exploits a vulnerability that allows it to propagate to Windows

2000 and XP systems. TrendLabs urges users to apply the patch, which is

available at:




In addition, users may download the Trend Micro System Cleaner, our

automated cleaning solution, from:




For more information on WORM_MSBLAST.A and other variants, please visit our

Web site at:





This message was sent by Trend Micro's Newsletters Editor using Responsys

Interact .



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I got it on monday. Luckily a patch was readily available.


Loads of people I know had it, it was quite widespread. We all feel quite stupid as we have about 100 years of computer experience between us lol

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