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Richard C

Come on........... Support!!!!!!!!

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We stand near the drum most weeks and although have no real conection with them , we/they created a good atmosphere last season. If it is true that they were singing for Andys head and against the players etc then we will not be standing with them anymore either! If my posts on here were analysed they would nearly all be about singing and positive encouragement, cant and wont condone ‘having a go’!

We simply must get behind the team from now on and now that the cricket season is over there will be 3/4 of us behind the goal singing on our own if we have to, to get the lads playing as well as possible! A few wins against lowly opposition and we are looking alright again! So come on lets SUPPORT or are some of us not capable of that!!!!!!!


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I am extremly suprised at the amount of people that post on this forum that are content with us losing every week!!

Yes the drum was used to support the calls for Andys head!! Thats because there is no choice, the only way we can get rid of him is if he resigns!! That is the only way to make him do it!!! If we do what some people are suggesting and do nothing im sure he will be quite content to take his wages every week and no points!


Other than that the drum was only used to support the team and will continue to to be used in that manner!


Personally I do not express my views about how crap I think someone is playing by shouting and never will!!

We did try to support the team with the drum on saturday but when they are playing so poorly compared to previous seasons, it is so, so hard to start drumming and cheering!!

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