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SSML Prem Play-Offs

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On 01/04/2024 at 18:08, Manorite said:

Excitement building for play-offs in SSML Prem. Does anyone know if all 5 clubs in the box seats currently have the requisite ground grading for Step 4 and actually want to get promotion?

Manorite - Yes, indeed, Milton Keynes Irish, FC Romania, Leverstock Green and Harpenden Town you mean 😉, I assume those four Club's all meet the necessary criteria however at Rothamsted Park there is quite a walk from the changing rooms to the pitch if I recall, I haven't been there in a while. Of the other Club's who might possibly sneak in, Tring Athletic have declined promotion previously for whatever reason and have never played at Step 4 although Tring Town did back in 2002/03, Cockfosters would have problems with Chalk Lane and, again, have never reached Step 4 level previously.

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The only time Tring hasn’t taken up promotion was when we were at Miswell Lane and didn’t have floodlights. We’ve finished second at Step 5 since moving to Cow Lane, but that was when it was only the top club getting promotion. Ground grading shouldn’t be an issue based upon previous assessments. 

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TringArmy - Thanks for that and nice to see you on here again, you may recall this interesting article with then Tring Athletic Chairman Mick Eldridge back in 2011, it would be really nice to see the popular Club get promotion to the next level, either this season through the play-offs or in the near future:

The Essentials: Tring Athletic FC (lyonwill.blogspot.com)

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So the Premier Division play-off's will be between Milton Keynes Irish, Harpenden Town, Leverstock Green and FC Romania in the Premier Division and Moulton FC, Winslow United, Wellingborough Whitworth and Northampton Sileby Rangers in Division One. Watch this space for details of the fixtures when arranged, a mention for Langford who are on a run of five successive wins in Division One but it has come too late for the popular Forde Park Club following a very poor start to the campaign.

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On 15/04/2024 at 15:39, Rhodes said:

So the Premier Division play-off's will be between Milton Keynes Irish, Harpenden Town, Leverstock Green and FC Romania

It is looking very much like the two SSML Premier Division play-off Semi Finals will be as follows:

Milton Keynes Irish v FC Romania (at Manor Fields)

Harpenden Town v Leverstock Green (home Club tbc)

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