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Wobbly Wayne rides again

Its a tough away game - unswerving support please

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It gets better and better since I have taken to verse,

and now a draw against Westley on a mere fraction of his purse,

But it'll be a different proposition against those Hereford Bulls,

Their results this season certainly show that they are no ones fools,

However, if we score more than them , according to my maths,

we should fuggin beat them, there only a bunch of taffs !




Come on you most rip roaring of reds....

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Well, as the poems seem to be working fine for us so far (well done wobbly!) I thought that I'd step it up a notch.


Tonight, I've written a Haiku, although not a good one (what do you expect from a Gravesendian born and bred?). If we win tomorrow, I'll try a sestina for the next match lol, it'll take me a week anyway.




Tomorrow, hard game.

Hereford away? We're fine.

Fleet's result? three points!



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