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Alan ( GNFC )

Board Statement Anomalies (?)

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A couple of points regarding the statement on the news page :


The statement refers to 14 full time clubs .So assuming D&R and Scarborough are full time , who are the 8 part timers from this list of ten ?

Aldersh*t , Accrington , Burton , G&N , Leigh , FGR , Margate , Tamworth , Northwich , Farnborough


Secondly the board have based the budget on a season AVERAGE of 1250 but reference is made to one attendance , the Leigh game . The big games are yet to occur - Margate ,Sh*ts ,D&R , and any end of season game against top sides should help the average . However how does this tally against the wage capping based on gates revenue /income ?


Of course a good cup run would help . So many of the clubs around us started their success with the associated financial rewards .



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