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Fans Focus - Non League football clubs
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Phil Old Boy

Two Division Three's

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An article has appeared on the non-league paper site that may be of interest. Saying that, this lot had false information on a thread I started involving a transfer request by Wayne Vaughan. Apologies to Wayne for starting that thread but I thought this site was credible, therefore publishing correct material, obviously not!<p>This article says:<p>A number of non-League clubs have been given added purpose to their quests for promotion this season with the news that the Football League are looking at the re-introduction of two Third Divisions. <p>The new proposal, which advocates a Third Divison North and Third Division South for the first time since 1958, would have a significant knock-on effect for the restructuring plans for non-League football. <p>If the League wins the day, it would see many of the current Conference sides absorbed into the professional ranks with a subsequent updraught of the bigger non-League clubs in their wake. <p>The League re-think could force the FA’s National League systems manager Greg Fee, currently proposing changes to the Pyramid, to hold.

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i am a big fan of regionalised footy at div 3 level


div 1

div 2

div 3 north n sarf

2 feeders into each with 3 up n 3 down

top 2 clubs for each feeder and a play off

from the 2nd n 3rd places in each feeder league


in my opinion a lot more promotion and relegation will liven things up generate interest and crowds and therefore revenue..most div 3 clubs are buggered financially .... local derbies also add at least 50 to 100 per cent to any gate.. i really cant see why they are fecking around on this they have a great oppertunity to sort things for the next 10 years

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I agree entirely. The idea of one up one down into the national league is absurd. The idea of clubs in Division 3 having travel the length of the country for midweek matches is ridiculous. I've been a follower of the 'regionalisation' idea for years. It gives the teams more to play for, and therefore should attract more people to the games.

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