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A Registered Only board? Yes or No?

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Picking up on points raised under other headings it seems that we have all given Admin something of a problem over Registered or Unregistered.<p>As the board was originally set up you could only post if you registered. Admin, Frenchy and I talked about this in relation to the Canvey area of the board. We felt that problems encountered with unregistered post on Below Sea Level meant that it would be better to go down the Registered Only route.<p>We noticed that the number of posts dropped off and because there were complaints from people who wanted to just make one posting (a visitor from Grantham, perhaps, who wouldn't want to speak to us again) would be put off from posting and wouldn't bother to register. As a result, Admin allowed unregistered posts.<p>The present situation seems to be going downhill with troublemakers posting under false names and stirring it up. It is now very easy to post something supposedly by 'Jeff King' saying, "I think G&N are dog s h i t e and we will walk all over them on 26th." or for a fictitious 'Gravesend Fan' from Billericay to post an inflamatory comment about Canvey fans which then puts all G&N fans in a bad light.<p>Let's help Admin. Do we want to go back to Registered Only posts or not. Comments please.<p>Merv cIFC

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