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Time for more support?


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I may have the details slightly wrong, but apparently there was some kind of treasure hunt thing on a local'ish radio station recently. The contestant running around Essex got to Billericay and asked a local if there was a football ground. They answered "No".


Surely Billericay's current position and prospects make it a good time for a bit of High Street / Train Station advertising to drum up more support. I'm sure some die hards will slag me off, but it is only the current situation that has made me take interest again, after watching a few games three or four years ago.

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More support is an interesting topic. You can't make people come and watch.

But you are right about drumming up interest in the club.

I have thought for a while that the club could give away some free tickets at the local supermarket or high street.

If you gave away 100 free tickets to a home game then even if 50 would turn up and spend some cash in the bar etc its a bonus.

If 20 or 30 come back to watch another game sometime then it would have all been worth it.


Maybe someone within the club may read this and run with it.

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Marketing the club is probably the most difficult thing we try to do. Our support has grown a little this year but to get the message to people in the town is not easy. Papers tend to be freebies with very little news and high ad costs, the bought papers give us good coverage but how many people buy them? We have e mail lists for some supporters, we are on facebook and twitter and our web site is regularly kept up to date. free tickets have been considered but then the dilemma is do you upset the regulars who have supported the club for years and still have to pay. We are looking at various offers e.g. reduced price beers or burgers etc. but in the end it mainly comes down to needing more people who are willing and can spare the time to promote the club in various areas by leafletting at the station up the high st, posters in shops and pubs etc. Mack & Otherway up if you feel you could help in any of these areas or anyone else who is reading this why not come down the club on a Thursday night and discuss it with Steve and one or two others of us. If you cant make Thursdays, pm me and you can make yourself known to us at the next game.

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