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MFC vs Harrow Borough match preview ...


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Interesting that this intimates the possible injection of extra pace that the likes of burchell and Murphy may possibly provide;and other forum posters call for the same.



Pace is great-but it needs to be EFFECTIVE pace.


For me-pace at this level does'nt do much- if a player has got pace-inevitably he can't go on to deliver the final ball,and/or the strikers are'nt good enough to capitalise on it.

No-ones fault-thats why the players are at this level-so for me-pace does'nt really get you anywhere.

You simply can't compare it to pace provided by players at say premier level-where they have the delivery skilss and colleagues to capitalise on it.



A much more effective P word for me is 'press'-harrass the opposition into mistakes and get more possession.Thats why Danny stubbs is effective at this level.

If we could press 10% more-that would cause the opposition to lose the ball more often.


However-you have to be really fit to keep up a 'pressing' game-and as part time players-these guys can't get to those levels of fitness required to play that way .

Maybe we could still press a bit more though.





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All that given-just want a vital win tonight-however it comes.


With all thats gone on over last week-need to get points on board-and sooner we get to 50 points the better.

don't want to be loking over shoulder at the bottom 6 positions.


No game saturday-so need to go into the mini-break with a win.

If a few clubs below were to get 6 points from their next two games-and we lose tonoight-we would be seriously looking downwards;and with the mood a bit downbeat-could be a bit worrying.


need to give everything to get those 3 points tonight-and trust CK and JL will get the players in the winning grove tonight.as ever-its not easy though;and we have no god given right to win.

Needs a hard working performance tonight to grind out 3 points


Up the 'Gate

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