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Ishmail Kamara

Andy .

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good in parts but was more horizontal then vertical when playing.....if some other player touched him he would go down then walk off after a few mins, mind you he may have changed now. Not sure if he's a good option at present

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The guy had pace and skill and had an unpredictable style that made defenders unsure but lets not forget after showing plenty of effort in the psfs once the season started he was injured more than he played with mysterious complaints. I thought he lost interest. Frustratingly he seems to be performing well at Dulwich but I suspect he needs a lot of managing and i suspect he would not fit into the current team set up. Don't think he is CK's sort of player.

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Frustrating to watch, but showed flashes of brilliance in his short time here. Personally, I'd question whether or not he has the work-rate that we so badly need. Having said that, if Ishmail applied himself for a few seasons, who's to say he couldn't be the next Akpo Sodje.

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Is the 'kamara story' a bit like the appiah story?



Young talented player-loses his way in the league (kamara goes abroad) comes back-and has ambition to make it back to the league.


Unarguable that kamara has talent-and is a similar regular goalscorer.Unfortunately-it seems kamara/kamara's agents ego got the better of them-thought he was better than he is-and has until dulwich =spent a season in anominity.


One imagines he would stick with dulwich as they could well get promoted-but if not-maybe he can see what CK can do to your career-and i am sure most would welcome him back at HDP.


However-its the proper manager who has to take to a player-not us armchair managers

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