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2.0 to Witham after extra time.

A real scrappy game, and both teams missed a few chances.

Witham made good use of their squad and were without their usual center backs so Bobby Port (midfield) and Rob Whitnell (center forward) stepped up to the plate and kept a clean sheet.


I heard some ridiculous comments from the sidelines relating to the poor ,long ball style of play that Witham use and how lucky they are ........Apparently It has stood them in good stead , 91 goals in the league and only 1 defeat all season ......speaks for itself !!!!! and whats more the Burnham keeper was blasting the ball long at every opportunity , and yes they are lucky .......lucky to be top of the league and have a chance at getting out of it !!!!!!!


you make your own luck dont ya ????


....not a good peforrmance by either team,but if you can grind out a win whilst playing poorly ...lifes good





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JPS firstly congratulations to Witham on winning - we never took our chances and one mistake from our defender resulted in the first goal which was always going to win the game. The second a penalty, which was, doesn't reflect on how close the game was. We also missed a penalty of our own in the last minute of extra time.


As for the comments made, I will say that Witham are direct and try to utilise the pace of Billy Hunt & John Watson which there is nothing wrong with and I will use the words that Gal said last night "you don't have the players to get the ball down and play so you play to your strengths". Which is fair enough, but we try and get the ball down and pass it as much as we can. So on your point about our keeper kicking the ball long don't most keepers do that at all levels ???


As for luck you have to have a bit of luck throughout the season and in a game, with the ball rolling for you etc and last night that didn't happen for us, but I totally agree with you that you make your own luck.


This is not sour grapes because we lost and I wish Witham all the best in the final and in their quest to winning the league. Maybe JPS you can introduce yourself to me at the Final and I can buy you a beer

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I cant argue with any of the points you raise mate .....and it was clear that Burnham tried to play a passing game, and they had quite a few who appeared comfortable to do that ...but not all...but this is the ESL,,,Is that too much to expect ?, .


I also agree that a lot of keepers kick long , but again if you havnt got a back 4 who are ball players...this may be playing to your strengths....


Isnt it good to watch a team that looks after the ball, having worked hard to get it in the first place....Saw a bit of this from both sides last night ....not enough though.


The squad depth and quality Witham have is the only thing that is getting them through at the moment due to injuries to key players (both center backs)


I wish you all the best for the rest of the season and it you can turn over Manor or Takely for us .....result.

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I believe you play to win the game. Different managers/players view and play the game differently. I thought when we played Witham they were direct but at the same time did try and play a bit when they could. It's knowing when to play and when to go long that is the key. I thinm Barkingside are the most direct, long ball team we have played but at the same time well drilled and organised.

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Whilst it's hard to argue, because results speak volumes I think statements such as you "Play the style to win the game" or "We don't have the players to get the ball down" is whats wrong with English football and probably the dropping ESL attendence figures.


It's boring to watch and stunts player development. All that happens is Whitam will get promoted, they will get rid of most there squad because you need to be able to get the ball down at that level and all your left with is players back in the ESL who are programed to play the a direct style of football and havn't improved.


Why do you think there are fewer youngsters playing in the ESL? If you have a promosing, talented young player why are you gonna send them out to the side that are top of the league who's policy is "We don't have the players to get the ball down"


Like Jose said, "In England they teach you how to win and not how to play football"

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Goes back to the the most important thing - playing to win or playing nice football. I would say at BGU we try and play football and we have a very young side. we give everyone a chance reagrdless of age. Last night our oldest player was 27, our youngest 18.

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Any date decided for the final yet?

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F it, wish it was on the Saturday 'cos I'll be too busy watching the Ornchurch do Ricay on Easter Monday


Always used to be the Saturday

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