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A Right Dogs Dinner!

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Once, there was a woman who went into ASDA every week for a large bag of dog food.


On one visit, she gets to the checkout and this gormless cashier asks her 'for your dog is it?'


'What a stupid question to ask' thinks the woman.. however, she decides to toy with the idiot and says 'no it's for my husband.'


'Whaaa' mumbles the cashier... 'your husband eats dog food?'


'Oh yes, he's convinced that it's good for his diet.'


'But but...that'll kill him,surely!'


'He's been eating it for 20 years now, and no side effects or illnesses. So I'm pretty sure he's safe to eat it.'


However, two weeks later, the woman goes into ASDA and doesn't buy any dog food. The same gormless twit is on the tills.


'No dog food today then?' he mumbles


'No, my husband died last week, so no more dog food.'


'I told you it would kill him.' mumbles the cashier


'It wasn't the dog food that did it, he was lying naked in the middle of the road licking his balls when a bus hit him!'

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