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Would you like to get lots of cashback on your Christmas shopping?


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As you know we do not run this site at a profit and so anything that we can gain through people viewing and responding to adverts is always appreciated.


As an individual I have been getting cashback on purchases for a while - often this can be 10% or more of the purchase price. This can soon add up. Over the last 3 years, I have had well over £1500 cash back from day to day purchases.


I use topcashback as the main site - now for a limited period if you sign up via the link here - this site will earn a few pounds to help towards our costs.


Sometimes I find that Quidco has slightly better rates. It is a good idea to accounts with both, as occasionally a site will have an exclusive and offer a higher percentage of cashback. For example on flight only bookings via British Airways, Quidco gives cashback, but topcashback doesn't.


Once you have have earned £10 cashback, we will then get a payout.This does not cost you anything (apart from the purchase of the present!) and does not affect your cashback.


Thank you.

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