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Alan W (GNFC)


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I see from the NLP that coverage is supposedly starting up again as from yesterday (Tuesday).


Cameras will be at all Conference games this weekend, according to the article, but only 4 games will go on line.


The other quote that interests me in the article was "The new service will be available to all Conference fans free of charge". If that proves to be true, I hope those of us who paid for subscriptions previously will get partial refunds at least.

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Do try to keep up! lol <img src="/images/graemlins/tongue.gif" alt="" />


Taken from confguide last week:


thursday 13th november 2003- tffc: conference moves on


tffc.tv are currently unable to film Conference matches and broadcast them on their web site - so alternative arrangements are being put in place.


A Conference statement reads:


The Nationwide Conference has been advised by the TFFC that, due to financial reason, they are unable to continue to film Conference matches each week and broadcast those matches on its website. Naturally the Conference is disappointed with the news and has given TFFC every opportunity during the past 7 days to rectify the position. However, there has been no progress and the Conference feel they now need to move on.


Firstly, the Conference is keen to continue the exposure and profile that recorded highlights bring to its competition and clubs. Broadband is growing weekly and will become an important broadcasting option in the future. For this reason, the Conference will continue to show a weekly programme on the internet, but this time there will be no fees or subscriptions payable. It will be completely free-to-view service.


The new show will be shown on sportal.com every Tuesday after midday and will consist of highlights from 4 matches selected each week, with the latest transfer news, stats and a weekly interview feature.


The Nationwide Conference, who have not received any funds from TFFC, will continue to work with TFFC to endeavour to secure refunds for those subscribers who have paid for 6 and 12 months subscriptions.

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