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Prediction league problems.....missing threads?

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I recall updating the tables after the Dagenham game, yet they are missing, along with some people's predictions.

The same has happened for the Scarborough game - some predictions have gone awol?????

Any ideas?

It seems the server change has caused this - unfortunately, as I was under the impression that items that get deleted can be retrieved from the server, I have no personal back-up of the info that was posted.

Unless the admins CAN retrieve it - the predictions made for both Dagenham & Scarborough will be null & void.

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Many thanks to Ian.....

.....I have retrieved the info that is missing.

The correct scores updated after the Dagenham match have been reposted.

I will not be reposting the Dagenham thread even if some posts are not there, as we have the correct position table now so it seems pointless to do so (as I would have to delete every single person's ip address from the copy and paste!)

I have a print out of the missing Scarborough posts and will sort that out sometime tomorrow.

Therefore scores for both games will not be voided.

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OK.....everything is now up to date.

If you had posted in the fixtures to be played in the next month and your post was missing (mainly boaky but a couple of others here and there) then those entries have been reposted for you.

If you have made a repost for any fixture - that is the one that counts as your entry and I have not copy and pasted the original one!


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