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VCD-Mr Browns post match synopsis


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Not sure if anyone is out there, but simply in an attempt to get things going on here-much better site than facebook imo, but must not be hypocritical as in moments of weakness-i do still dip in there.

anyway-i thought latest TB interview was spot on -what happens on 30th has no bearing whatsoever to the type of 'form ' margate are in prior to that game.

its simply a one-off game,and who is best team on the night.


do hope he can sort his defence out in time though.


only thing i slightly disagree with him about is concerns over the referring.

i think you need to approach games that you start 1-0 down-as somewhere in there, the ref is likely to make an error that will cost you a goal.


i think we may have enjored a few decisions in our favour at start of season-but certainly in last 10 games-have been awful decisions against margate-.

hopefully margate will get the 'luck 'in the semi final and then on to the final.


sadly-luck dictates so many results

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