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Fans Focus - Non League football clubs


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Team v London Bari

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First half 1) Kharshiladze (saved penalty) 2) Orome 3) Bourne 4) Caracciolo 5) Atkins 6) Stephenson 7) Young 8)Burla 9) Manor (GOAL) 10) Udoh (GOAL) 11)Hazlewood (GOAL)


Second half (Changes made at various points - most midway through the half)


1) Simmonds (Giddins) 2) Williams 3)Nesbitt 4)Evangilista 5)Ellul 6)Beavan 7)Tavanti 8) Williams 9) Adewumni (GOAL) 10) Lee 11) Baker (GOAL)


Known signings/last year and still here who did not take part:


Liburd, Dunne, Stamp, Curley, Edwards,Mahler and Farrell

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