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Silsden count the cost of burglaries

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The Silsden Sports Club, home to Silsden FC, has been left to pick up the pieces after its club house was damaged in two separate burglaries, one on Christmas Eve and again on Sunday, January 10th.

The burglars broke into the club house and stole a small amount of cash and a few bottles of spirits but the repair bill could be between £7,000 and £8,000. The damaged window and shutters had just been repaired when the perpetrators broke in for the second time.

This time there was no money at all to steal, as the club had not been used, but they still caused more damage,

Sport's Club Chairman John Lohan said that the club had been left reeling, adding that a Boxing Day entertainment event, which would have raised much needed funds, had to be cancelled.

He said: “We are all devastated. We are all volunteers and it has hit us really hard. The club are offering a reward for information resulting in a conviction”.

Both the Security Company and the police said there was little more the club could have done, but the Club is looking at other measures to deter future efforts.

The Club house is independent of Silsden AFC and Silsden Juniors, although the football club is the mainstay of the facility during the winter months.

The Football Club itself has spent money on drainage this season, with more planned for the end of this season, and opened a new cabin for hospitality and the juniors.

Outside toilets have been built and the McNulty Stand, constructed in 1934, has had new flooring and a new roof, with much of the work being done by “Cobbydale Construction Ltd”

In summer Silsden Cricket Club, Rounders teams and Silsden Road Runners are the main beneficiaries of the club facilities although many other local groups use the Clubhouse for their activities.

John Lohan added: “We have organised “Band Nights” over the next two months to help pay for some of the repairs.

”The next Band Nights are Saturday Feb 13th featuring “The Travelling Wilburys” and Thursday, March 17th when St. Patricks Day will be celebrated with a top local Irish Band.

“We have also started a “Just Giving” page to try and raise funds towards extra security and donations are welcome.

The club’s Just Giving page can be accessed by clicking here.

Source: nwcfl.com

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