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Gosport Borough issue statement to clarify financial state

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Gosport Borough have moved to clear up press speculation that they are in financial troubles.

The club released a statement on Thursday afternoon clarifying their current financial state.

It read "Following from a story recently published in The Portsmouth News the directors would like to allay fears that the club are in financial troubles.

GBFC accept they are currently under a player embargo for an outstanding balance owed to HMRC, a payment plan has been set up and is being fulfilled.

It is also agreed that GBFC players are behind on their wages however this has been discussed with a representative from the players and again a repayment plan has been set up and the players were made aware of this last Tuesday.

Monies owed to GBFC from a variety of sources is also being chased by staff. If this money had been paid to the club by the payable invoice date then the club would not be in this temporary financial struggle.

It has also been unfortunate that we have only played 2 games on Saturdays since 26th December which has also had an adverse effect on cash flow.

The only paid people at Gosport Borough FC are the players, everyone else, including the directors, are volunteers and unfortunately when GBFC are let down it has an immediate effect on the playing staff. We find this regrettable.

We would like to assure all of our players, fans, volunteers and sponsors that GBFC are working very hard to rectify this issue and ensure that our players and HMRC are paid in full as soon as possible"

Source: www.gosportboroughfc.co.uk

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