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Hornchurch 1-0 Kingstonian

Urchin Boy

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It didn't look intentional from where I was. The Eastside terrace would have had a closer view. But bloody 'ell, I was wincing in sympathy with Westy.

Another ambulance turned up and I believe it took Lewington, their midfielder to hospital. He went past me and he had a massive lump on the inside of his right thigh. Whether it was a bone protruding, I don't know. Certainly wasn't a boner.

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Ref was very "patchy" too,to say the least. At one point a few of us were shouting "Are you Crick in disguise?" Mind you...he didn't send Bradders off did he? Other refs might have done so after that swipe he took at ?? while he was on the floor.

How about the "punch up" after #7's injury. That was a bit unecessary wasn't it? Like I say: both players had their legs up high, didn't they?

Who was Man of the Match? Bit of a difficult one to call tonight I think.

Bradders and Lockie were in the thick of things. Opara came on later and did some nice things (except that chip that went astray in the end), but didn't do enough to warrant MOM as sub.

Kilo was ok, but their full-back did a pretty good job shadowing him.

Any suggestions?

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Someone wrote "Westy got savaged by there (sic) number 8", though he (Chris Nurse) not only went in for the ball but actually even played it before the collision. Unfortunate as the injury was, the debate we were having afterwards was regarding how the therefore questionable resulting free kick led to your goal.


Regarding Craig Lewington - I didn't get as clear a view, but wouldn't have been surprised to see a red card as the ball seemed secondary to the action. The update on him on leaving was that "he's got a big hole in his leg"...

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