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The Marlow Attendance !


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Well done to our travelling supporters


I bet Marlow were very happy......




291 attendance at Marlow was the 3rd Highest in the whole of the Isthmian League on Saturday 20th December....



Even a Top of the table clash at Hayes V Hornchurch only pulled in 251 !!


Any guesses what the attendance will be against Windsor on Boxing Day ??


My Guess 625 ....


come on you Rebels lets smash the Div 1 south record this season....


up the Rebels.........

<img src="/images/graemlins/cool.gif" alt="" />

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Yeah we will beat 482, but you can bet other clubs will enjoy bumper crowds too.


Thinking about it logically, we got 500+ for a big game against Uxbridge last season, and a few seasons ago even 700+ (I think) on an Easter Bank Holiday against Maidenhead. If the 'usual' 400 turn up that used to turn up at Wexham Park most Saturdays, add a few more because it's a holiday, I think we could potentially see 500+ Slough and 200+ Windsor (assuming the usual number plus a few more, because they are after all at home too). Therefore I don't see why the crowd won't be 650-700, although this is definitely a little optimistic. Will definitely be more than 550 there though.

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In the Conference we had about 4,500 (sell out) against Wycombe, which was, I believe, in 1992. We either lost 1-0 or drew 1-1, I can't remember which. Found this from some website a while ago. In the return match at Wycombe (again, either 0-1 or 1-1, can't remember) the gate was about 7,500.


And in actual fact I think that gate of 7,500 is the 4th highest Conference attendance of all-time (and it was a recently updated list too). I think Lincoln were top with a gate of 9,000+.

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In fact, have just had another look and it's the 6th biggest, and was in 1993:


1. 02/05/1988 9,432 lincoln city 2 v 0 wycombe wanderers

2. 21/04/2001 8,868 yeovil town 0 v 0 rushden and diamonds

3. 26/04/2003 8,111 yeovil town 1 v 1 chester city

4. 05/04/2003 7,558 yeovil town 3 v 0 telford united

5. 04/04/1988 7,542 lincoln city 5 v 1 boston united

6. 23/03/1993 7,230 wycombe wanderers 1 v 0 slough town


23rd March) Wanderers entertained Slough Town in what many viewed as a make or break game for The Rebels hopes of catching Wycombe in the Conference table. On an amazing evening a capacity crowd of 7,230 packed into Adams Park to witness a tight encounter. Those that couldn't get in watched from the hillside above the Woodland terrace.

Vircavs went straight into the side to make his second Wycombe debut and was like a rock at the back for The Wanderers. The only goal of the game came on 27 minutes with a move started by ex-Rebel Steve Thompson. He fed Carroll down the right wing and his cross was met by Scott. The initial headed was saved by Carl Emberson in the Slough goal but Scott was able to touch in the rebound. Moments later an innocuous looking challenge between Emeberson and Scott left the Wycombe striker with an injured ankle and after lengthy treatment was replaced.

The second half was a fiery affair. On 55 minutes Andy Kerr jostled with Andy Sayer and as Sayer fell to the ground Kerr flicked out a leg. Referee Graham Barber produced a red card and the temperatures rose again. Mark Fiore's challenge left Stapleton hobbling and on crutches after the game. Stapleton had already dropped back into defence to cover for the departed Kerr and when Stapes limped off Carroll converted to a defender. But Wanderers held on without too much trouble and the challenge of Slough was all but over.



Oh happy days !!

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Now that I come to think about it, I'm sure I've read some programme notes about a Slough vs Southall game (at the Dolphin perhaps) in which the crowd was something like 8,000 - but that could be completely wrong. And I don't know if it was league or cup either.

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The Staines attendance was because of a lot of people who go to the games for the opening of new or refurbished grounds. Tooting will have been another, as will we should Kennedy Park materialise.


As for WP, I think it would struggle to hold 3,000 given how full it seemed against Harrogate with 1700 people in it!

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