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Louis Theroux and the Nazi's

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Did anybody else see it last night?Some of it was shocking, one of the men said that he wanted to lynch all black people,not one by one though because that would take to long. One mum had her two 11 year old daughters singing racist songs and was recording an album for them..

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I'm glad you brought this one up, FleetBoy.

I wanted to say I was shocked, but actually much of the programme didn't surprise me. There has been some coverage of these "white American trash" before, so there were no new revelations apart from the bit about the two girls. That part was disgraceful.

But, wasn't it amusing to see the little fat bald guy associating with the so called "untermenschen" [excuse my spelling - it was Nazi-speak for those they considered "low-life" for those who don't know]?

Louis showed him up for what he really was. A jumped-up little 5hite with delusions of grandeur.

[Remind you of anyone?]

Now...the Horizon documentary about Space-Time Continuum shown last week was far more interesting. Apparantly most of us "alive" today might not actually be alive, but are instead Virtual Replicants populating a fantastic computer simulation which has been created at some point in the future. If only Rene Descartes were alive to hear his "ergo sum" philosophy rejected.

Mind blowing stuff.

8ollocks....but mind-blowing, nevertheless.

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