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A Christmas train service reminder.....

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.....the service shuts down slightly earlier than normal on Christmas Eve. Last train out of London for Dartford & all stations towards Gillingham will be the 21.52 Charing Cross to Gillingham.


After than there will only be trains as far as Dartford - last one of them will be the 22.49 from Charing Cross.


After that - you're knackered.


No service Christmas Day, limited service between Gillingham & Victoria via Meopham / Longfield on Boxing Day.


Sat / Sun - normal service.


Mon 29 - Wed 31 - saturday service with odd additional train.


New Years Eve night - trains running all night out of London as far as Dartford until 4.30am approx.


New Years Day - Sunday service.


Merry Christmas!

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Thanks FF .... but is there no civilisation after Dartford??? 2nd thoughts don't answer that!


Do you get a percentage of the takings from those 'rip yer off big-time' taxi's outside Dartford station by any chance??? lol

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