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Yellow's Maidenhead report


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In the difficult wet conditions Canvey produced a solid, hardworking display to grind out a 3-1 win over a Maidenhead side who were definitely one of the better sides to come to Park Lane this season.


The conditions were appalling in the opening 20 minutes with the driving rain making any good football very difficult. Maidenhead were twice denied by the excellent Danny Potter whilst Junior Mcdougald struck an effort wide from a Greggors knockdown.


Canvey took the lead thanks to a first ever goal from Dave Theobald striking home after a Chenners knockdown (about time too Dave!)


Maidenhead though began to take control and adapt better to the difficult conditions. Potter made a good save from a one on one situation but their pacey right winger was causing us all sorts of problems and from a right wing cross, Steve Hale headed home at the far post to bring United level.


Canvey seemingly were losing their way and were not helped by some terrible refereeing decisions but despite the conditions both sides were attempting to play football.


In the second half Canvey seemed to go up a gear as Maidenhead flagged a little. A Dave Theobald header struck the crossbar and led to an almighty goal mouth scramble. And minutes later another scramble saw the ball being blocked by keeper and defender as the ball refused to go into the net.


A Ben Chenery long range effort was turned over by the keeper but with 20 minutes left, Lee Boylan came to the rescue. After he was denied by keeper Nick Hart, the ball fell to J.K who hit a thunderbolt of a shot that the keeper spilled straight to Boylan for a simple tap in.


The relief around the ground was definitely apparent but Maidenhead still posed a threat and it was deep into injury time when Canvey broke away through Ollie Berquez who played a cross into the box. It looked like the keeper would get there first but under pressure from Boylan he lost his grip of the ball and Lee simply walked the ball in to seal a fantastic 3-1 win.


A scrappy display with Canvey missing the influence of Minton but with Carshalton and Hornchurch losing we go 16 points clear at the top.


Bring on the Braintree!

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Good to see two great match reports for todays game, good work guys!


Seemed to have a good game today, a bit away from the game at times, but quickly corrected. The weather obviously wasn't an advantage!


Seems the Maidenhead #'s 5 & 6 have some kind of attitude problem, being sat behind the lino today I heard a fair share of stupid complaints.


Our Official site still hasn't had a four line match report, although two other people who are gaining nothing from it have managed to write up two!


Got a bad feeling about Braintree, mainly because of when we lost the league on the last game of the season to them... Although the atmosphere was unforgettable, it was the worst way it could of finished for us really...


Only time will tell, and I agree, we definitely need Jeff (Minton) back in the squad. The team seemed a little less together today but still managed to slip in another win.


Hopefully we'll get another away win, and throw us more points clear, and a great advantage for going up.


Could this finally be our year?

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CIFC - Y.A said:

Our Official site still hasn't had a four line match report, although two other people who are gaining nothing from it have managed to write up two!

Who says I'm not getting anything out of it? If mine and Merv's reports stimulate debate and discussion on these forums then we can feel happy in the knowledge that we're a catalyst for intelligent and interesting debate on this forum.
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