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Player Changes?


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Maybe it's time to think about this logically?


We are not going to win the league - so we have to finish between 2-6 to get 'promoted'. Is this possible? Yes.


Windsor or Lewes will win the league, with Hampton and Worthing following after I feel.


Dulwich, Staines, Bromley and possibly Tooting making a late revival are the other main contenders me thinks.


The question is are we better than most sides in this league? Yes, so top six is possible.


Why make wholesale changes like we have done in recent years when we do have a settled squad? Why not wait to the end of the season and see where we are, because if we are promoted the management team will realise that changes need to be made.


In the past we have spent lots of money, and then you hear stories of monies owed to players. When the budget at the moment is apparentlty quite low?


I say we do need a couple more players - a right-sided player and a midfield playmaker ideally to get promoted - but wholesale changes at the moment - I think not?

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I think Ryan Spencer could fill either role you have identified. (Yes I am begining to be converted to the church of spencer). Does anyone know how serious his injury is, I have heard rumours that it is either cruciate or cartilage damage? Either of those injuries would mean a long lay off, in which case we would need a new midfielder. I am fairly convinced we need a quicker centre back if we are to persist with three centre halves. Otherwise, on paper and at their best I am confident we have a top six side. Unfortunately the bench is not strong enough to push the starting XI and any injuries leave us buggered. Two new players, yes, my picks a centre half and a "jack of all trades".

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I say we stop messing around with 3 upfront enabling us to have more across the back sorting out that problem- and then bringing in a decent winger and central midfielder. sorted.

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I always believed I could convert you Martin, my old mukka. Hope everyone is getting ready for the return of football tomorrow night after a two week break and that we are all finely tuned to use the awesome acoustics which Walton's ground offers. Ha Ha. See everyone tomorrow.

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