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Oi! Zealster!


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Hi CZ.


A very happy New Year to you, Zealster.


Have you seen the movie "Love Actually"? I went at the week-end. I must confess that there is a romantic side to my nature and this is a very good little movie in a schmaltzy, gooey, christmassy sort of way with some very fine acting along with it.


Anyway, back to the point of the message. I think that when the lunatic steps down, Hugh Grant should replace him at Number 10.

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Haven't seen it, although I believe Mrs Zeal is particularly keen to.


I'd rather see Michael Howard take over personally, although I'm sure the pinko's on here will tell me that Hugh Grant has a much better chance!


Maybe Arnie in the White House??


I see Tatu are running for the Russian Presidency also.



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CANV - reckon McCutcheon would make a terrific grind, and she used to feature regularly in my Top 10. Would still make the 30, I reckon!


Libro - wasn't after advise. Just keeping you up to speed. Would you like me to re-post picture from Footie Forum?


AFF - seems both you and I wish to see Blair removed from office. Fancy starting the revolution with me??



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EFM's Librarian said:
in my opinion piercings and tattoo's are generally a bad thing.

Oh No! I think tatoos are really nice and effective if they are done tastefully. I really want a tatoo on my lower back. I already have the design that i want, i just need the courage to go and get it done. I don't like pain and so this is a major factor that has stopped me from getting one done.

With regards to piercings, it depends on what you get pierced. My sister had her nipple done as a presant for her boyfriend (although he was not happy with her doing it!) and she said that it only hurt for a second, when they put the needle throught, and after that it was ok!
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whats that Terry?



birds and tattoo's NOT a good combination

on the base of yer back , how original

celtic band anyone?



michael howard

"Choice for all, not just to those who can afford it,"

"I do not believe that one person's poverty is created by another's wealth"


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tatoos look great on slim pop star tarts that are 19 yrs old unfortunatly when they reach 30 they look absolutly crap..

tattoss are for sailors and hard big geezers in the marines or something..

robbie wiliams for example will look a total [****!!****] from 35 onwards.. fortunatly for him he will be on his 6th nervous breakdown by then and wont notice

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