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69 today

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Or would've been if he hadn't eaten so many burgers.


How can he be so highly thought of in the music world when he never wrote a song in his life?


I mean, I don't mean to slate the guy, and he was bloody good at what he did (swivelling his hips and singing songs other people wrote for him), but I don't want to see his name on any Most Influential Musician's Of The 20th Century polls, or the like.



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at last!


special coming up about great singers and this paedo's on it


>>The Voice, Sunday, C4

Their voices created vast fortunes, and each of the legends featured in this celebration of 20th-century music, such as Elvis Presley, went on to influence generations, long after their deaths.

In this second episode, The Voice sings the praises of the greatest male performers from the beginning of the last century to now.

Enrico Caruso, widely acknowledged as the greatest ever tenor, was the forefather of popular music. He is credited with breaking down barriers between highbrow opera and earthy vaudeville music, to create an intimate vocal style that drew inspiration from both.

Jazz finally cemented the bond between classical and modern music through stars like Louis Armstrong, and popular music was truly born.

Over the years, as tastes became more diverse, each generation gave way to new stars, trends and singing styles.

Velvety-voiced crooner Bing Crosby was succeeded by swingers Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett, followed by the ‘King of Rock ’n’ Roll, Elvis Presley .

The programme also looks at the Beatles through to modern supergroups like U2, fronted by the distinctive voice of Bono.



racist in-bred fat fucher parasitical paedetrician


not that i dont have an opinion on him of course

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