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Ash Trees 2 Moneys 1

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A much needed win and a very entertaining game against a Moneyfields side who were talented (and I reckon will feel aggrieved at not taking a point) but very moany and lucky that their captain stayed on the pitch after a disgusting tirade at the lino late in the game.


Moneys opened our defence up several times early on but Tyler and the rear guard did their bit, and it developed into a game of nip and tuck with both keepers making excellent saves (particularly two tipaways by Moneys custodian Stephen Mowthorpe) and many chances going near or being blocked by the defensive cavalries - oh, and one Ashford one-on-one producing the most hilarious non-lob over the keeper you'll ever see!


We eventually took the lead through a goalmouth scramble on the hour with James just about getting the ball over the line and the officials seeing it. Six minutes later we got a soft penalty for handball given by the lino, and Fish scored a very cheeky Panenka - at least, I think that's what he meant to do! Our propensity to throw away two goals lead made it a nervous few final minutes when Moneys sub Ryan Pennery tapped the ball home in the 89th, but we held firm and kept the points.


Everyone put in a shift - interesting to see Romario and Dan barking out orders and encouragement for starters - and Mitch and Weighty gave us a steely spine. Hope Webby's injury isn't too bad and that he's back sharpish.


Apologies for the scratchy tannoy announcements today - it was impossible from my angle to see who scored our first goal so I had to phone someone nearer the goal for confirmation, and Moneyfields' yellow shirts with white numbers were a nightmare for subbings and the goal!


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