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Ash Trees 1 Rovers 0

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A win, but hardly a classic.


Much of the entertainment came from terrace talk about the new cover behind the Conifers goal. For years we've gently ribbed Spelthorne Sports about their low cost wooden stand, but our fabrication has to be seen to be believed. It's already caused the end to be renamed the Gallows End by some supporters, and we worried when a Rovers shot hit the front fascia and part of the stand wobbled!


There was plenty of gallows humour during a largely soporific first half, where we played well enough but seemed to have more than enough men behind the ball when Rovers attacked and too few options in the box when we went forward. The winning goal in the 44th minute was out of character with the half, Tom Howard lashing a wonderful cross-goal volley from hip height, 25 yards out and level with the edge of the box. Keeper no chance.


In the similarly error-strewn second half we looked more promising going forward, with Romario lurking down the right wing on several occasions, but our crosses and territorial advantage bore no further fruits. Indeed, Rovers didn't look like a team second from bottom and they brought out three excellent saves from Tyler and a goal-line headed clearance from Romario. 


The poor quality ref had a constantly oscillating view as to what constituted high feet, and I'm still trying to fathom out why he booked Mitch - maybe for the luminous vest and socks combination? A shame, because Mitch threw himself at everything and was my man of the match, with Webby and Weighty also adding plenty of meat to the defensive platter. Talking of food, I'll leave you with this snippet of conversation at the game...


Me: "What are you having for dinner tonight?"

Mate: "Sausages"

Me: "With?"

Mate: "The wife!"

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The standard of refereeing at this level today was very poor, boots at head height on occasions, throwing the ball away over the wall surrounding the field of play. Then booking Mitch for what? Not the best ref. I’ve seen.


1-0 for our troubles scored by Tom Howard.

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Mitch was booked for dissent. At least the ref wasn't card happy. As he said after the match, if he had been assessed there would have been more yellow cards. 


It wasn't a dirty game and so there was no need for any bookings in my opinion.


We should finish in a creditable position again but I won't miss this league, another very poor attendance on Saturday. The Isthmian will be a new challenge and attendances must be better than this league surely?

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