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Slough Express

Barry Scott

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apparently the new coach is Mickey Lewis , ex-manager of Oxford United. Also Janik and his merry band of idiots are conducting their own survey into how Kennedy Park should be redeveloped. According to Mr Janik, they want nice flowers, shrubs and benches in the park and not a stadium for, and I quote:


"a tiny bunch of football supporters"

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Mr Janik, would this be like the young trees that were planted along the entirety of Whittaker Road approximately 3-4 years ago? The same trees that were snapped in half one evening within days of being planted? The same trees that even now, you see broken and vandalised by the ever so caring and nature conscious young population of Britwell?


Or maybe you could cover Kennedy Park in shrubs? Obviously they'd have to be suitable for a tropical climate because of the heat generated by the burning vehicles dumped there.


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