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This will be huge. You must see it to believe it.

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Log on to the Braintree Town Website provided by Mr Chairman and look at the Supporters page, we are organizing a Casino night at Braintree this will be huge. (Friday 13th Feb) (Day before Albans come to town)

We are expecting Directors, Players & Supporters alike to attend.

Tickets will be on sale

(H) Maidenhead 24th Jan

(A) Bedford 31st Jan

(A) Basingstoke 7th Feb.

Or by seeing one of the committee members.

Or phoning the numbers on the flyer on site.

Dont delay, demand is expected to be high.

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Try again now, (Braintree Site) I have just come out of it, 2 mins ago.

Price £ 7.50 will get you £5 worth of chips to start you off in your attempt to win the cruise.

If anyone from outside of Braintree wants to attend send us an email to markabundock@aol.com, I will let you know how you to can get hold of a ticket.


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Thanks for that, Rob. It took a while to downthingummy but it was well worth the wait.


He's right. It is clearly going to be huge.


The 'Cruise for 4 people to France', Rob. I think you are confusing the first prize at the Iron casino with the Daily Mail offer of a cross channel ferry ticket for 4 people for £1. I imagine that it's a fortnight around Nice, Cannes, Marbella and those kind of places. Mark will confirm later, no doubt.


It's going to be huge. It might be worth buying a couple of tickets and offering them for sale on Ebay.


One thing that the advert on the Iron site has cleared up is that the £5 chips that you get with your entry fee are gaming chips. I was a little confused when I first read Mark's post.


It's going to be huge.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Should really have used the word postponed as we have St.Albans the following day, the players could not attend, they have said if we postbone and do it later they would be up for it.

We sold 25 tickets, but we needed 50 to cover our costs.

When we spoke to people about this, they were keen, but we are a newly formed Supporters Club and will learn from this.

We have though raised more than a grand and this will not put us off (in 3 months) just need to keep plugging away.

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Hi Mark.


You didn't fall for the old "Look boss, however huge, we can't come to the huge casino night as it's The Mighty Saints the next day and we need to stay on the milk, no girls and be in bed by 9.00 on Friday" routine, did you, Mark?


Oh, by the way. 50 tickets to be sold to cover costs? That's £7.50 x 50.....No wait... The £7.50 included £5 of gambling chips didn't it? That's £2.50 x 50 = £125. And the first prize was a fortnight's cruise around Nice, Marbella and Cannes for 4 people?


You said that the Supporters Club has learned a lot, Mark. I would suggest that you get an accountant on board in the first place.


Keep up the good work, Mark.


[Do you wear your Swedish flag to home games, Mark?]

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AFF, the accounts does work, you are not aware of certain other things that were involved, which I wont go into, the figures are fine.

No I dont wear the flag to home games, only away, do you remember us boys behind 3 flags at your ground, mine and 2 from Steve, uk flags.

See you saturday, for two wins on the bounce.

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Yes, we are on a disappointing run at the moment, Mark, but I believe that ours will turn on Saturday. Let's hope for a good game.


I don't remember your flags at Fortress Clarence Park, actually. The only flags I recall are Maidenhead as they are big enough to wrap around their entire travelling support. Next season, perhaps.


Pleased to hear about the "certain other things that were involved", concerning the cruise and the huge casino thing Mark. 'Keep your eye on the books and records' is my friendly advice.


Have you thought about a 200 Club, Mark? Properly run, that can be quite a money spinner.

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AFF, there was about 15 of us behind the goal, I remember one of your lads walked passed us 3 times like he was eyeing us up, backward and forwards he stood to our right in the first half.


The Maidenhead flag, yeah seen it, they take it home and away, one of our lads is getting a huge flag too, mine I drape round my shoulders and then hang over the sides, but only take away, apart from when we played Eastbourne in the Cup at home and we were trying to generate a party atmos.


The year before I stood out in the pissing rain on my tod, as the rest of our support went to stand underneath the covering on the side. When we won 4.2 away. What a day.

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