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"If Janik is serious ................."

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Someone wrote "If Janik is serious in getting us back to Wexham Park then what is he doing about it..."


Janik did indeed say publicly, somewhere on this forum, and privately, in an email to Gary, he was prepared to get involved and try and get the club back in Wexham where it belongs.


No one took Janik seriously and Gary never responded.


Janik even gave his telephone number and email address but you just love slagging Janik off rather than trying .....


The same person also wrote "He told us he had been in touch with Mayfair communication last year....don't think so.....or he would have had something to say about it ...."


But the truth is Janik never said or wrote that.


Remember if Labour lose control of Slough Borough Council at this year's local elections your Kennedy Park scheme may suffer. A wise person should be talking to opposition councillors and trying to get a safe and permanent home for STFC. Just because we aren't Labour it does not mean we are monsters. Your greatest folly was getting to closely involved with Slough Labour Party who deliberately made the Kennedy Park football stadium a very political matter. FOOTBALL SHOULD NOT BE A POLITICAL ISSUE so next time you should chose your bedfellows much more carefully.


The IBR even has members who are STFC supporters who don't want your stadium on our park. Our public survey is totally unbiased and I can supply an Acrobat copy (in .pdf format) and a .TIF file copy for you to show others or put on this web site (but not the Rebels whose nasty co-publisher's behaviour I won't forget).


Just remember you, STFC and supporters, made the whole matter political when you allowed yourselves to be used by Slough Labour Party for political purposes. The first thing many Britwell people knew about your plans for our park was a Labour Political leaflet boasting about it.


I would like to pay £10 and join the trust. What about it Chris? Instead of slagging me off why not try working with me?


Paul Janik

telephone 511911


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Roge, I can't speak to him on anything other than a personal level as the trust board has not been elected yet. I would like to hear Paul's views on getting us back to Wexham Park and how he would plan to help us develop that both from the football side and commercially to make it viable for the football club.

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Now who is trying to use the football club for his political gain!


The Football supporters are looking to getting the club back into the borough and representing

the town.


Putting a new stadium for the town would only be the first step...


The long term would to ensure that it survives on financial terms.


And to be a very proud part of the town's community.


You may join the trust if you want to, application forms available at our home matches.


You will only have one share, as do everyone else and you will be able to stand in the forthcoming elections.


No Problem....


Come and join us come and join us......


cheers Chris Sliski

STST Secretary.

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P Janik (personally) said:

I can supply an Acrobat copy (in .pdf format) and a .TIF file copy for you to show others or put on this web site (but not the Rebels whose nasty co-publisher's behaviour I won't forget).

"The Rebels"? Does he mean RebelsOnline? What nasty behaviour will Paul "I am the Elephant Man" Janik not forget?

What's he on about? <img src="/images/graemlins/elephant.gif" alt="" />
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Thing is RB this new development is about more than the stadium. It has been stated on the thisisslough forum about the commercial development supplementing the football club income to make the football club financially independant of any one person which is why if we are to move back to WP and look to use it as a long term base, we would need other sources of income than what we have right now (gate takings, raffle, goalden goal) to support a team of a half decent standard.


A new ground would be nice as I am sure the people of Britwell would love to have parts of the area redeveloped, but personally, I cannot see Martyn Deaner pulling this off.

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i know that the development is for the whole of britwell as that park and the wentworth arcade are a bit, erm, dingy, and if we can get funding for it, then it'd be nice and would allow us to progress back up the pyramid, but can the council, the people, the club, the trust and private funding all get on board to make this a reality?

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