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Billericay 1-0 Ford United


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Well done in todays match-as a Ford fan I feel a bit hard done by though you will say that you deserved the win and fair play to you if you do-but in my eyes a draw would have been fairer-but thats football eh??!!


Just to say good luck for the rest of the season both on and off the field-you have a ground/faciliies and fan base to be proud of.


Best Regards




PS: Billericay Burger rates 8.5/10-nice but not as nice as Waltham Abbeys!

PPS:Matchday program is also someting to be proud of-haven't seen a better one so far.

PPPS: The kids penalty competition at half time was a nice touch. Poor things were nearly too knackered by the time they reached the ball with the run ups they were having!!

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Yes, it was quite funny watching them, that goalkeeper made some quality saves though!

I think that neither side played great football, some of the passing was quite sloppy. I did actually think that it was going to be a 0-0, but when Stowey headed that ball in, the game started to get quite lively, I couldn't watch when you had the free-kick right at the end!

What was your number 3 doing? He dived on the floor as if he'd been shot, KK hardly touched him!

At the end of the day, it wasn't a great game of football, whether we deserved to get all three points or not is a matter of opinion. We are now 4 points away from getting out of the bottom four, something which we can DEFINATLEY do, and 12 points away from the top 13, something which is acheivable(?)

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Thought it was pretty even over the 90 - we shaded the first half, Ford had the 2nd. We probably had the better chances, although there wasn't much in it. The save the Ford keeper made to deny Tomlinson was exceptional, though Weaver pulled off a pretty good save right at the end.


Of the new boys I thought Tomlinson looked good - something a bit different to the other strikers we've used this season so might take a bit of time to gel with the rest of the team. Good first touch and read the game well imho.


KK put himself about a bit, particularly first half. Again may take a bit of time to gel with the rest of the team but did OK


Stowe made a good run to lose his marker and get the goal. Showed he's still got bags of skill, but also a frustrating desire to beat the entire opposition team twice single handed <img src="/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" />


Before the game we said this was a must win game. Wasn't the prettiest game in the world, although we passed the ball around quite well first half, but we got the result.

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Agree with you Simon all counts!!!

(Boody hell - a first)


Neil was back to his presenting before the game, nice to hear his DJ tones over the mike.


In the cub house the atmosphere was lighter, a sort of sense of relief and a little bit of jubilation (even Tony was smiling!!!)


And the Man Of The Match award presentation was won by Mike Black.


Now we have a rest for a couple of weeks and then away to St Albans. Lets get behind the team for another 3 pointer



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A scrappy game but the team battled hard for all 3 points. I felt were slightly the better team in the first half with never side really troubling either keeper in the 1st half. The more the second half progreseed the more and more Ford seemed to have of the game and I felt that they were unlucky not to grab a point at the death but we defended well and Luke made some good saves towards the end to preserve all 3 points. I felt Tomilison looked made an impressive debut he certainly looks very good on the ball and could hold it up quite well. KK started quiet well but seemed to fade a bit as the match wore on and I can see him being surplus to requirements with Hokcton, Tomilson and looking like better players. Chris Stowe took his goal very well and looks like he has the skill to take it round defenders



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I think that KK gave us and will continue to give us options. He is, a totally different player than Danny Hockton. He is stronger physically than any one we have in the team in that position (no disrespect to the others) and holds the ball up very well...His temperment needs to worked on but we all know that anyway. To be honest, I think the Ford No. 3 needs to think himself lucky that he didn't get a red for his disgraceful behaviour at the end of the game.


Its going to be interesting to see who will partner Danny up front as for the first time in many seasons we have quite a few options and if one of them doesn't work, we have the choice to change it with some quality players coming on as a sub.


With that and Sappleton coming back for the next game, the exciting events off the field are making themself felt on the pitch.

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A great result which really gives us a chance of not finishing in the bottom 4. Nice to see Stowe back at Billericay as he was good last season during his loan spell. I would personally choose Tomlinson to partner Hockton as Tomlinson did well for Bedford last season and scored quite a few goals.


All we need is a result at Stalebuns and we might get off the bottom.



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He went after KK after the final whistle ,head in his face and all that ,its was because of the earlier incident KK did catch him but he caught KK first and my gran would have hit harder ,all a bit silly especially the dive on the ground but saying that KK should not have done anything another day he may have been sent off

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