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My question by the way---thought I was logged in.


6 weeks since we've scored other than at the end of a game. Must be an improvement though as last year it would have been 6 weeks since we last didn't concede a goal in the last 15 minutes

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Don't forget that there are a number of differences between this season and last which will be affecting where we are in the league all mainly down to that big chunk of probable playing budget which went into the rent for Stag Meadow. Bearing this in mind, I think we should appreciate the effort that Eddie, Michael and more recently Micky Lewis have put in to build the team that they have with limited resources. OK, we're still better off than some, but if you consider the money that Lewes/Windsor/Staines/Hampton are putting into their playing sides, I don't think ours would be as favourable which should be a credit to the management and coaching staff.


I think the Alcove Man got it right earlier in the season when he either posted on here or said to me at a match that our expectation levels were far too high for this squad which is perhaps why we are so quick to get on their backs. That's not to say we shouldn't be aiming at top six minimum should the restructuring go ahead mind as if we can maintain any sort of consistency between now and the end of the season and continue to reproduce the Maidenhead/Tooting style performances then we'll have nothing to fear.


I would like to think that the fans did their bit to earn the second goal on Saturday against Tooting as we found our voices again for that match, particularly after the first goal and despite the pressure we were under, managed to stay behind the team.

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Maybe our expectations were too high. It is just a shame that it is this season of all seasons that we are limited to the most restrictive budget in years. I also think this season there has been a stark contrast between good and bad performances. The two games against Hampton being good examples. It is difficult for fans to understand that, which is why it is easy to get on players backs.


Having said that I now think when everyone is fit and in form our matchday sixteen is as good as anyone else in the league. With just 19 matches to go though I do think we have to look to win 12 of those. We shall see.

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Of those nineteen we still have:


Windsor (a)

Lewes (h)

Dulwich (a)

Leatherhead (a)

Bromley (a)

Worthing (h)

Staines (a)


Those seven we must be very careful in to make sure we don't drop too many points. These seven games could be the crucial six pointers. I can't see us getting anything from Windsor as they'll be well up for it again and did look a class outfit on Boxing Day, but I just hope we can keep our squad fit as then we have a chance at least.

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