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complete this poem

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My son has had to write a football poem

So we based it on a certain fleet player

Any additional verses welcome.............


At Stonebridege Road where plays the Fleet

Is our special keeper, with enormous feet.

We sing "he's big, he's fat, he's round"

As a crane lowers him to the ground.


A bright orange jersey covers his vest

Foolin' the opposition that he's the best.

He kicks the ball high into the sky

But it bounces back and we hear a sigh.


We see him dive to stop the ball

As a post is broken by his fall.

The game is stopped, the post is mended

But our goalie's nightmare is not ended


As the ball lies snuggled in the net

Our keeper Paul becomes upset

He clenches his fist and hits the ground

and makes an awful moaning sound



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He should finish it


My mates in class think I'm very cruel,

That I'm stupid, crazy, a bit of a fool.

It's not me talking ar$e, not me that's mad,

the dumbass spouting crap here is my Dad!

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My dad's an idiot and posted this on the net,

Everyone laughed, and thought it was wet,


This poem's not fair,paul's not like it sounds,

o.k. hes plump and could lose a few pounds,


But the paul that we love, is the best at his game,

And this poem is't fair cos WWWWIIIILLLKKKOOOO,s his name,


Wilko's our hero, he's our number one,

So shut up dad, you talk out your bum........

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Wilkos the best player at the Fleet

the saves he makes are pretty neat

MOst matches in the league its nearly the same

Wilko keeps us in the game

When the gravesend no 12 hears

his name being chanted, greeted by cheers

Wilko knows hes a great lad

SO STOP TALKING OUT OF YOUR [****!!****], DAD!!!!!



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